2018TokenSky Blockchain Conference

Day1  9:00-18:00
Day2  9:00-18:00

Time Speaker Topic
 8:30AM-9:00AM Registration
 9:00AM-9:05AM Dege Maya China Education Television Host
 9:05AM-9:10AM  KWON CHIL SEUNG member of the National Assemblyof South Korea Make a speech
 9:10AM-9:20AM  Phoebe Wang Author of 《CLOUD MANAGMENT 2.0》&Founder of BO,Chairman of TokenSky What I think the spirit of BlockChain
 9:20AM-9:50AM  Dong Yang Director of FinTech and Internet Security Research Centre, RUC, Deputy Dean of Renmin Law School
Christian Reeves MasterDAX COO
Akira Moriwaki AM&T,Panter,Chief Representative of Shanghai Office
TONG-KUK LEE Dongln Law Grounp Panter
Robin Guo Cascadia Blockchain Group COO
Emilie Allaert Head of Operations and Projects at The LHoFT Foundation
Global Digital Asset Exchange Alliance Round Table
Seoul Consensus
 9:50AM-10:05AM  Dong Yang Director of FinTech and Internet Security Research Centre,
RUC, Deputy Dean of Renmin Law School
Blockchain: Application and Advice on Regulation
 10:05AM-10:15AM  PARK IN DONG KIM & CHANG   lawyer On the current situation and future trend of virtual currency in Korea
 10:15AM-10:35AM  Alan Lee CoinMeet Co-founder Key Words Of Digital Future : Token and Ants Community
 10:35AM-10:50AM  RickyNg Founder and Chairman of & i-house Token (IHT) How to Speed up Application of Blockchain Technology?
 10:50AM-11:10AM  Shunsuke Yoda, CoFounder / CTO MOLD - Innovate The Game Industry
 11:10AM-11:30AM  JIN HUI  Shine Chain Foundation CEO Using Blockchain to Innovate Industry Operational Mechanism
 11:30AM-11:45AM  Ke Wang Triangle Technology(HK)Co., Ltd. Co-founder Acute Angle Cloud, Today and Beyond
 11:45AM-12:05AM  Xuejiao Zhu Kcash Founder/CEO Why do we need a digital currency wallet
 13:20PM-13:30PM Dege Maya China Education Television Host
 13:30PM-13:45PM  Guangming Jiao TopChain Founder TopFoundation CEO Bright future of blockgame
 13:45PM-14:00PM  Nick Ning Yang The Founding Partner of LeBox Capital CDC breaks the oligopoly of data
 14:00PM-14:20PM  Liangbin(Brian) Cai Fortuna Founder & CEO The First Blockchain for Global OTC Derivatives Market
 14:20PM-14:40PM  Wu Ge Co-funder of IP Chain Chief Architect of IP Chain IPCHAIN Innovate Intellectual Property Eco
 14:40PM-14:55PM  Xiaochen Zhang FinTech4Good Founder Incubating Blockchain Unicorns on a Smart Contract Platform
 14:55PM-15:05PM  Li Wang Partner of Achain From programer to Planter
 15:05PM-15:20PM  Zheng Yu Wa Are Chain CEO Social blockchain in public token-economy
 15:20PM-15:35PM  Bill Deng  AlphaCar  Founder&MD The Public Blockchain to Reshape Auto Industry Ecosystem
 15:35PM-15:50PM  Bitcoin Diamond - Republic of Korea Community Representative Bitcoin Diamond - Republic of Korea Community Representative
 15:50PM-16:10PM  Lei Xu Founder of LinkEye Blockchain-Based Credit Alliance
 16:10PM-16:25PM  Carl Wu Strategic cooperation director of RealChain  FireEye Ming to discern the authenticity, RealChian rebuilding the trust
 16:25PM-16:40PM  EvaFoo Founder&CEO of SCRY Towards a Blockchain Science of Human Beings
 16:40PM-16:55PM  Blues Qin Linkcoin CTO Yesbit CEO LinkCoin The best OTC exchange website
 16:55PM-17:10PM  Qi Zhou Founder of Quarkchain QuarkChain A High-Capacity Peer-To-Peer Transactional Syste
 17:10PM-17:25PM  Jian Sun   Founder of JLab Foundation and JOne Capita Still waters run deep- 2018 ICO Investment Prospect of J Lab
 17:25PM-18:00PM  Host:Lianjin Huang Distributed Business Applications CEO&Founder
Shunsuke Yoda MOLD Cofounder & CTO
Toufi Saliba CEO Toda Algorand
Kevin Hsu Block VC Founder of BlockVC
Wang Jinlong  ShineChain COO
Hana Zhang, Co-founder of DAEX Clearing Foundation; Investor of exchange
Seeking next generation consensus algorithms
 18:00PM-18:30PM The end

Day2 9:00-17:30

Time Speaker Topic
 8:30AM-8:50AM Registration
 8:50AM-9:00AM Dege Maya China Education Television Host
 9:00AM-9:20AM  DA Hongfei Founder NEO & Onchain Building A Compliance Ready Blockchain
 9:20AM-9:35AM  Charlie Chen Head of BD Asia-Pacific of BeeChat Link the power of every node from the entrance to the ecosystem
 9:35AM-9:50AM  Kondo Katsunori ASOBIMO,Inc CEO blockchain x MMO
 9:50AM-10:10AM  Liang Yang Founder of Smartshare building blockchain-based smart device sharing ecosystem
 10:10AM-10:25AM  Joe Zou CTO of Hainacloud Talking about Tokens in the Dawn of the Token Economy
 10:25AM-10:45AM  Xiaoming Wang HPB Founder & CEO Combining Hardware and Software to Tackle Blockchain TPS Performance Bottlenecks
 10:45AM-11:00AM  Dennis Kim CEO and Founder of PlayCoin Revolution of Game Market
 11:00AM-11:15AM  Chuanfeng Lee DeepBrain Chain CMO A Future of AI Built on Blockchain
 11:15AM-11:35AM  Jerry Ning CyberVein Co-founder A decentralized system for defining data value and data management
 11:35AM-11:50AM  Abdullah-Han Guangyu MD/Co-Founder of HalalChain Islamic economy and blockchain
 11:50AM-12:05AM  James Jiang ubiCom Chief Executive Ubiquitous computing is shared, subverting the traditional public cloud
 12:05AM-12:10AM  Toufi Saliba CEO Toda Algorand The next evolution of TCP/IP and how it could enhance every Blockchain
 13:20PM-13:30PM Dege Maya China Education Television Host
 13:30PM-13:45PM  Frank Zheng Chief economist of the World Blockchain Organization Promoting global Blockchain development and cooperation
 13:45PM-14:00PM  Lianjin Huang Distributed Business Applications CEO&Founder Does “America Conensus” Exist?
 14:00PM-14:15PM  Kevin Feng VeChain COO VeChain - public blockchain made for enterprise mass adoption
 14:15PM-14:30PM  Joseph Sadove BCOO CEO Blockchain Financial Technology Expert The exploration of the Token economy and the application of Token
 14:30PM-14:45PM  Jianyi Zhang GymChain CEO GymChain, an intelligent fitness management platform based on blockchain technology and a perfect application of blockchain in smart wearable hardware
 14:45PM-15:05PM  Yuan LI Founder of SelfSell Foundation, CEO of Beijing Thinkyoung Technology Co., Ltd. Redefine human value
 15:05PM-15:20PM  Jack zhang Founder of ChainFunder / LBTC Chinese Community The Past, Present and Future of Bitcoin
 15:20PM-15:35PM  Justus Perlwitz Data Kernel Founder Researcher Token Liquidity Models How to grow the next 10,000 tokens
 15:35PM-15:50PM  Dr Lo Waishun General Partner,DL Capitals Blockchain: a global cognitive revolution
 15:50PM-16:05PM  Brew Tan CryptoWorld CTO CryptoWrold-A New World Of Games
 16:05PM-16:20PM  Angel Dou GLDX Oversea Director GLDXA Collateral-backed Stablecoin everybody can trust
 16:20PM-16:35PM  Kailin Lu Qingdao Thunderobot Technology Co.,Ltd CEO Exploring a New Mode to Combine BlockChain and Intelligent Gaming Hardware
 16:35PM-16:50PM  JIANG Tao Founder of CSDN, founding partner of GeekFounders
 16:50PM-17:05PM  Cuidemin BTC123 CEO Blockchain Business Layout of BTC123 and KG.COM
 17:05PM-17:20PM  Jason Fang Sora Ventures Managing Partner , Sora Foundation CEO Sora Ventures: Asia‘s First Crypto-Subscription Venture Capital Fund
 17:20PM-17:35PM  Gao Bin QI DIAN CONSULTING global blockchain roadshow in 50 cities
 17:30PM-18:00PM  Host:Gao Bin QI DIAN CONSULTING
Mr. Zhang Li chairman of GwokCoi
Zhang Tao Co-Founder Founder BlockChain Investor
Gary Chang Asch Chain Technology Ltd COO Secretary General of the global (Shanghai) block chain application entrepreneurship competition
Li Zhang linkvc Partner
 18:00PM-18:30PM The end



About the organizers

TOKENSKY Organizing Committee is a professional team sponsored and organized by Shangfang Media (stock code: 835872), which has successfully held various large meetings and exhibitions with over 100,000 attendances in the game industry. Furthermore, the company has successively organized 15 professional industry conferences and hundreds of small and medium-sized meetings, and developed cooperation relationships with more than tens of thousands of enterprises. The biggest advantage of the team is the proven ability to connect and integrate resources in a quick way, no matter in which part of the world. At present, TOKENSKY Organizing Committee has enjoyed a wealth of blockchain resources in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Australia, Britain, Estonia and other countries and regions, making sure that a variety of resource nodes, such as circle of coins, chains and investors, economists, scholars can be connected together through inviting top-class guests by the expert committee. So, the substantial benefits could be brought by the TOKENSKY General Assembly. The first stop of TOKENSKY will be held in Seoul, Korea on 14-15 March. We are looking forward to seeing you and enjoying our meeting.

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