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Blockchain and Token Economy Summit | Asia-Pacific Forum

Day1 Grand Hilton Seoul Convention Centre 3th floor Emerald Hall A 9:00-17:30

Time Speaker Topic
 8:30AM-9:00AM Registration
 9:00AM Kezhu Ai News Anchor of China South East Satellite TV
 9:00AM-9:15AM  EuiNoung Han GBSA(Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator) CEO The New Wave of Technology:Blocckchain
 9:15AM-9:30AM  Meng Yan Vice President of CSDN Token Economy: How to open the gate
 9:30AM-9:45AM  Frank Ling CEO of CoinTiger Regulation and Compliance in Crypto-Assets Market
 9:45AM-10:00AM  Mr. Steve C Y Pang Convenor of International Blockchain Association, Founder of Quantum Gold Theme: Development of blockchain technology in asia pacific and the application of quantum gold
 10:00AM-10:15AM  AnXinxin  Jinse Finance Partner    a new era of blockchain media
 10:15AM-10:30AM  Uchida Tomomi yuki SMART Trade represents the doctorate of engineering at the University of Tokyo Smart Trade
 10:30AM-10:45AM  Lyu Xinhao IoT chain Co-Founder Topic
 11:00AM-11:15AM  Kiyoko Kato Director of cure inc. Topic
 11:15AM-11:30AM  Katsu CFO of QUOINE Japan regulatory landscape and ICO
 11:30AM-11:45AM  Steve Lean Business Model Professional Why Blockchain Matters? A Case-Study of UNIONAT.
 11:45AM-12:00AM  Lee Byung Tae After being the president of KAIST Business University, he served as a representative director of KAIST's investment bank. Regulatory Risks in Cryoto-Asset Economy, Lessons from Recent Korean Market Regulation on Crypto Currency Investment.
 12:00AM-13:00AM Rest
 13:00PM-13:30PM Registration
 13:30PM Kezhu Ai News Anchor of China South East Satellite TV
 13:30PM-13:45PM  Bao SHI All-in Institute Dean of All-in Institute Personal introduction Both ends of the blockchain world
 13:45PM-14:00PM  Bernice Fan IMC Foundation CEO Create Your Own Personalized Super Factory
 14:00PM-14:15PM  Chris Zhu Co-Founder of Blockin A 15 min Brief History of Bitcoin Traffic Jam
 14:15PM-14:30PM  Kevin He EAI Founder & Technical Director EAI Link future Create consensus
 14:30PM-14:45PM  Brian Xie AdRealm Co-Chairman Auroville of Digital Advertising
 14:45PM-15:00PM  ZHENG Kelly CMO of HONG KONG FREYR TECHNOLOGE Ltd. CO The Importance of Combining Blockchain with Collectibles Database
 15:00PM-15:15PM  Jin Guohua Advisory Lawyer of Huobi Korea Tsinghua University B.A. / Peking University M.A. Discussion on Crypto-currency Regulatory Issues
 15:15PM-15:30PM  Yonghyun Kwon Founder of Ricco holos Transhumanism block chain project
 15:30PM-15:45PM  Andy Tian Asia Innovations Group Co-founder & CEO Blockchain without borders: How to build a world class project
 15:45PM-16:00PM  Eric Lifson Co-Founder & VP of Marketing Skrumble Network Topic
 16:00PM-16:15PM  Dr. Xie Liming RedIN Chain,Founder and CEO&ACO Capital, Partner You are A TOKEN!
 16:15PM-16:30PM  Simon Li Co-Founder of EYECHAIN CEO of VISM Eye Tracking Asset Block Chain
 16:30PM-16:45PM  Sunchen SSky Industrial     Marketing director In fact, finance is simple.
 16:45PM-17:30PM Free exchange



About the organizers

TOKENSKY Organizing Committee is a professional team sponsored and organized by Shangfang Media (stock code: 835872), which has successfully held various large meetings and exhibitions with over 100,000 attendances in the game industry. Furthermore, the company has successively organized 15 professional industry conferences and hundreds of small and medium-sized meetings, and developed cooperation relationships with more than tens of thousands of enterprises. The biggest advantage of the team is the proven ability to connect and integrate resources in a quick way, no matter in which part of the world. At present, TOKENSKY Organizing Committee has enjoyed a wealth of blockchain resources in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Australia, Britain, Estonia and other countries and regions, making sure that a variety of resource nodes, such as circle of coins, chains and investors, economists, scholars can be connected together through inviting top-class guests by the expert committee. So, the substantial benefits could be brought by the TOKENSKY General Assembly. The first stop of TOKENSKY will be held in Seoul, Korea on 14-15 March. We are looking forward to seeing you and enjoying our meeting.

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